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Usb Accessories

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Zagg Charge and Sync Lightning Connector 014891

Τιμή:  € 20.00

Apple Certified: Designed to meet the highest quality standards, the Sparq Lightning Cable is Apple Certified. Simple: Its 1.2 meters of anti-tangle, braided nylon cord won’t break or tangle. Powerful: The Sparq Lightning cord carries 2.1A power

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Προστατευτικη βαση 3 θεσεων BlueLounge Ασπρο - 461533

Τιμή:  € 24.50

CableBox Mini is a smaller version of the ever popular CableBox. This unit is convenient for smaller clusters of cables. Rubber feet Prevent it from slipping and bright colors keep in fun on your desk and near your peripherals.

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